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385-515 nm wide spectrum curing light

No risks of resin shedding and/or incomplete curing.

1-second curing

Complete & deep resin polymerization in 1 second.

3 cure modes

Achieve the best results in every clinical situation.

Built-in light meter

Stay always aware of the efficiency of your polymerizations over time.

Wide spectrum curing: No risks of resin shedding and/or incomplete curing.

The wavelength range emitted by Vafu wide spectrum curing light is 385 nm to 515 nm, compared to the standard 385 nm to 415 nm.

The new band length provides better curing for resin materials, reducing the risks of resin shedding or incomplete polymerization.

Vafu is the best choice for dentists like you who want to offer clinical excellence to their patients.

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Unprecedented curing light efficiency.

Thanks to its power of 3200 mW/cm², Vafu reaches levels of efficiency never seen before.

The collimated beam ensure the maximum possible light penetration.

A correct polymerization helps you avoid clinical conditions such as discoloration, pulpal irritation, post-operative sensitivity and eventual failure of the restoration.

Elevate your restorative dentistry today with the Vafu LED system.

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Stay aware of the efficiency of your cures over time.

Just because blue light is coming out does not mean the curing light is working effectively.

With Vafu's built-in light meter, you can ensure you're curing to perfection today, tomorrow, and always.

If not, get in touch with us, and we'll provide you with all the support you need for your Vafu curing light.

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Vafu curing light uses high power output and precise wavelength to provide consistent polymerization and minimize any risk of post-operative sensitivity. Vafu's beam-shape design allows practitioners to have the perfect curing with less time and effort.

Key features:

• Light Intensity: 850-3200 mW/cm²

• Wave length 385~515nm

• Working Mode:3 Power modes - 9 ways of irradiation

• 3 interchangeable tips

• Built-in light meter

• 1-sec polymerization

• 360° head rotation

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