Lightweight. Wireless. Flexible.

Shadowless lighting system

The binocular LED removes all shadows in your field of view.

Only 160g in weight

78% less weight on your neck compared to traditional systems.

Wireless battery

Work free from annoying cables connecting the light and the battery.

Interchangeable magnifications

1.5X to 6.0X magnification loupes interchangeable on the same structure.

Perfect for any size, smart like no other.

Headband adapts perfectly to your head size and is super easy to regulate whenever you need to start your work.

Flip up the binocular lights with the touch of a finger to turn them off.

Connect and detach the loupes in 5 seconds and choose the best magnifications for each situation without overspending by buying multiple magnification systems.

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Work with loupes without even feeling them.

Wearing your heavy magnifying system for several hours a day is nothing but pain for your neck.

Imagine working with magnifications of 2.5X and 3.5X without even realizing it: with Headband, it is possible!

Only 160g in total weight that you can wear for long procedures with complete peace of mind and without worrying about your neck muscles.

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Dr. Dan K. DDS, MSD

"The Headband is amazing for my everyday workload."

I have been using the Zeiss system for years, and I got my Headband as a backup. After using the Headband the first 3-4 times, I realized I would put my Zeiss in the drawer. They are so lightweight that I almost don't feel the weight. The binocular LED makes me work without shadow spots, and I end my workday without fatigue on my neck muscles. Great tool!

Multiple magnifications just a click away.

Unlike traditional systems with fixed magnification, with Headband, you can use 8 possible magnifications (1.5X to 6.0X ) on the same structure.

Included in the package, you will also find the UV filters to work the composites with peace of mind.

Enjoy unprecedented flexibility!

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Save on price, not on quality.

Made for professionals to work at their full potential.

The Headband is designed for professionals in the dental industry, from dentists to dental surgeons and dental hygienists.

It's the #1 choice also for successful ENTs, Veterinarians and for Surgeons of any specialist branch.

With its hands-free, head-mounted design and 1.5x to 6.0x magnifiers, the Headband provides precision and accuracy in every procedure, allowing professionals like you to unleash your full potential.

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Headband 2.0

Headband 2.0

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Headband by Zirkey is the ultralight flexible loupe that most dentists, surgeons, ENTs, and clinicians dream of working with.

Galilean magnification glasses offer 2.5x or 3.5x magnification for a comfortable and wider field of view. Designed and developed by Zirkey Japan, this advanced technology provides exceptional detail and sharpness, perfect for tasks requiring high precision and accuracy in fields like dentistry, surgery, and intricate crafts.

• Magnification: 2.5x or/and 3.5x

• Working distance: 420mm

• Weight: only 89gr

 Interpupillary distance: Adjustable for all sizes

 Field of view: medium

Key features:

• 2500 mAh lithium battery (5 hours of work on average)
• 160gr in weight
• LED power: 150.830+ (lux) for each LED
• 8 different magnifications available
• Wireless
• Shadowless binocular system

The Headband box includes:

• The Magnifications selected while placing the order
• 1 extra battery (2 batteries in total)
• 1 suitcase/travelcase
• 2 UV filters
• 1 charger (the battery has a hole on the side, and it can be plugged and charged like a smartphone)

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How long will it take to receive my HEADBAND after I place my order?

The shipping time will vary based on your location. The standard delivery time is 7-15 days. We will provide you with a tracking number within 72 hours after you place the order.

What is the magnification of the HEADBAND loupe?

The HEADBAND loupe offers a magnification of 1.5X, 2.5x, and 3.5X providing a clear and detailed view of the work area. The 1.5X is always included and you can choose to get the 2.5X or the 3.5X or the full set with all the magnifications.

Is the HEADBAND loupe easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, the HEADBAND loupe can be easily cleaned and maintained to ensure optimal performance.

Does the HEADBAND loupe come with a warranty?

Yes, the HEADBAND loupe comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and lifetime support for added peace of mind. Meaning that after the first year, we will be supporting you for every issue you may face with our devices.

What is your policy for returns and exchanges?

We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. The product must be in new and unused condition, and all original packaging and accessories must be included.