THE Headband. From the future.

Shadowless lighting system

The binocular LED removes all shadows in your field of view.

Up to 150.000 lux

Double white light bulb to illuminate every point of your working view.

Only 160g in weight

Wear it all day without stress on your neck and head muscles.

Durable & Robust

Constructed with a silicon-reinforced polycarbonate matrix.

Headband PRO Zirkey 1.png__PID:87de525b-b8f4-45d6-9c5b-25309d1b79f8

Wireless battery

Work free from annoying cables connecting the light and the battery.

Up to 12 hours of work

Improved battery life for unprecedented comfort.

ProMag®: Progressive Magnification

2.5X to 5.0X Magnification all-in-one lens.

Interchangeable magnifications

1.5X to 6.0X magnification loupes interchangeable on the same structure.

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Headband PRO Zirkey 2.png__PID:21bf371a-cdb2-43a5-9a7b-d815e47679e3

Up to 150.000 lux: Always carry the right light with you.

Ever worry that your light isn't bright enough to properly illuminate your field of vision? With Headband PRO, you can put your concern to rest.

Combining two powerful LEDs, it achieves 150,000 lumens, ensuring the best illumination possible.

Experience unparalleled brightness with Headband PRO.

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Unlock the Shawdoless Experience


Like any headband, unlike any other headband.

The center of the frame is a known weak point of most Headbands, but not with Headband PRO.

Constructed with a reinforced PolyCarbonate Matrix, it can withstand pressures up to 20kg.

With a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, Headband PRO ensures a lifelong investment you can trust.

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Headband PRO Zirkey 3.png__PID:59f444e1-9c61-4f83-ab07-fc6f839a217d
Headband PRO Zirkey 4.png__PID:3f77ba47-deb4-491c-a4fe-3ec88064b53b

Working for a long time with loupes is no longer a problem.

Headband adapts perfectly to your head size and is super easy to regulate whenever you need to start your work.

The 2 internal sponges ensure maximum comfort every time you wear the Headband PRO.

The weight of 160g is distributed along the entire arch: not only is it the lightest loupe, but it is also the most ergonomic. Working all day with Headband PRO is a breeze.

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Dr. Dan K. DDS, MSD

"The Headband PRO is way ahead any other loupes I have ever used. I couldn't imagine to come back to work without it".

I have used Zeiss, Dr. Kim and also Zirkey. The quality/price ratio of Headband PRO is hands down the best of all the other brands. I love my Headband PRO and can't do without it!

ProMag Zirkey 1.png__PID:44e19c61-5f83-4b07-bc6f-839a217de623

All the magnifications you need in one word: ProMag®

Multiple magnifications on a single loupe is now possible thanks to ProMag® and Headband PRO.

You will no longer need multiple lenses at the risk of losing or breaking them.

Everything you need is in ProMag®: 2.5x to 5.0x adjustable magnification at your fingertips.

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Headband PRO Close up view

Headband PRO product view.png__PID:918bfc3e-492a-48b9-b0c8-517ec7851b52
Headband PRO product view 3.png__PID:fc3e492a-88b9-40c8-917e-c7851b52263b
Headband PRO product view 2.png__PID:492a88b9-b0c8-417e-8785-1b52263b715a

What's inside the Headband PRO package

Headband pro package.png__PID:b39c1208-8ec5-4a7c-8e9b-3ddbf5af3e0b

Save on price, not on quality.

Just because you are a doctor, it doesn't mean you have to overpay for primary technology.


Made for professionals to work at their full potential.

The Headband PRO is designed for professionals in the dental industry, from dentists to dental surgeons and dental hygienists.

It's the #1 choice also for successful ENTs, Veterinarians and for Surgeons of any specialist branch.

With its hands-free, head-mounted design and 1.5x to 6.0x magnifiers, the Headband PRO provides precision and accuracy in every procedure, allowing professionals like you to unleash your full potential.

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Headband PRO

Headband PRO

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Headband PRO by Zirkey is the NEWEST ultralight flexible loupe that most dentists, surgeons, ENTs, and clinicians dream of working with.

MagPro® progressive magnifier offers 2.5x to 5.0x all-in-one magnification for a comfortable and wider field of view.

Designed and developed by Zirkey Japan, this advanced technology provides exceptional detail and sharpness, perfect for tasks requiring high precision and accuracy in fields like dentistry, surgery, and intricate crafts.

• Magnification: 2.5x to 5.0x

• Adjustable Working distance: 300mm to 600mm

• Weight: only 160gr

 Interpupillary distance: Adjustable for all sizes

 Field of view: medium

Key features:

• 3500 mAh lithium battery (12 hours of work on average)
• 160gr in weight
• LED power: 150.830+ (lux)
• 8 different magnifications available
• Wireless
• Shadowless binocular system

The Headband box includes:

• Headband PRO
• MagPro® (if selected)

• 1 extra battery (2 batteries in total)
• 1 suitcase/travel case
• 3 UV filters

• 4 Sponges

• 1 charger with battery holder

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