Strain less. Work better.

A/R Coating Lenses

For a cutting-edge focus with maximum sharpness.

Only 45g in weight

82% less weight on your neck compared to traditional systems.

Wireless AirLight LED

Work free from annoying cables connecting the light and the battery.

Multiple magnifications

2.5-6X magnification loupes to satisfy your clinical needs.

Dr. Dan K. DDS, MSD

"The ProFocus 6.0x with AirLight is the best combo I have ever tried"

The loupes quality is 100% compatible with other brands 4-5 times more expensive. Also, my ProFocus 6.0x is lighter and more flexible than my Orascoptic. I also use AirLight, which is really fantastic because I can clip it on any frame I wear. Lovely devices!

True Color vision for a next-level clinical experience.

ProFocus lenses are equipped with the latest anti-reflective (A/R) treatments that deliver maximum sharpness and clarity to ensure you precise and safe medical procedures.

The A/R treatments reduce glare and improve light transmission, resulting in sharper and clearer visuals.
This means you can perform your duties more accurately, resulting in better patient outcomes.

ProFocus help you feel more confident in your ability and provide the best possible care to your patients.

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Bring the light wherever you need it.

With its innovative design, AirLight provides maximum flexibility and convenience to medical professionals who require a reliable and powerful lighting solution, just like you.

With a strong 127,000 lux of intensity, AirLight is perfect when you need to perform intricate and precise procedures.

The universal grip and wireless technology let you connect the AirLight to any frame, making it the most flexible solution in the medical lighting market.

Whether you're a dentist, surgeon, or veterinarian, AirLight is the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

Get your new AirLight today to experience the ultimate in lighting technology.

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Designed to suit all your clinical needs.

We know that every clinical situation is unique and requires a specific level of magnification.

That's why our dental loupes are available in a range of magnification levels from 2.5x to 6x.

Whether you need a lower magnification for routine exams or a higher magnification for intricate procedures, we've got you covered.

Our loupes are designed to provide exceptional clarity and precision.

ProFocus is the best solution for professionals like you who are ready to take your clinical experience to the next level.

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The lightest, most comfortable frame you have ever worn.

Wearing your heavy magnifying system for several hours a day is nothing but pain for your neck.

Imagine working with magnifications of 2.5X, 3.5X up till 6.0X without even realizing it: with ProFocus, it is possible!

Only 45g in total weight that you can wear for long procedures with complete peace of mind and without worrying about the heavy pressure on your nose or your neck muscles.

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Save on price, not on quality.

Made for professionals to work at their full potential.

ProFocus serie is designed for professionals in the dental industry, from dentists to surgeons ENT, Vets and dental hygienists.

With its hands-free, sportive design and 2.5x-6.0x magnification, ProFocus loupes provide precision and accuracy in every procedure, allowing professionals to work at their full potential.

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AirLight™ LED Headlight

ProFocus is the leading edge in dental loupes, featuring adjustable magnification, true tone vision, an ultralight frame, and a wireless light, making it the best investment for comfort and precision.

Key features:

• Working distance 420mm (340mm & 500mm available upon request)
• 5000 mAh lithium battery
• 40-65gr in weight
• LED power: 127.000 (lux) 
• 2.5X, 3.5X, 4.0X, 5.0X, 6.0X magnification
• Wireless

It includes:

• 1 suitcase/travelcase
• 1 UV filters
• 1 charger

• 1 AirLight LED (if selected)


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How long will it take to receive my ProFocus loupes and AirLight after I place my order?

The shipping time will vary based on your location. The standard delivery time is 7-15 days. We will provide you with a tracking number within 72 hours after you place the order.

What is the magnification of the ProFocus loupe?

ProFocus loupes offer a magnification of 2.5x-3.5X-4.0X-5.0X and 6.0X providing a clear and detailed view of the work area. The magnification lens are not interchangeable.

Do you provide a warranty on the ProFocus loupe?

Yes, ProFocus comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and lifetime support for added peace of mind. Meaning that after the first year, we will be supporting you for every issue you may face with our devices.

What is your policy for returns and exchanges?

We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. The product must be in new and unused condition, and all original packaging and accessories must be included.