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The LED helps to enhance your view.

280.000 - 350.000 rpm

Optimize the use of your burs at their maximum performance.

3 way spray

Achieve the ideal cooling in every clinical situation.

Low noise system

Only 60 db, 20 db less than the market standard for high speed handpieces.

Standard head size. Better stability, lower noise.

The standard head size of Zirkey High-Speed Handpiece provides a stable and secure grip for improved accuracy during procedures.

With its precision engineering, the handpiece operates with lower noise levels, reducing stress and fatigue for both you dentist and your patient.

Say goodbye to shaky and noisy handpieces, and experience the confidence and comfort that comes with a superior tool.

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Thicker bearings for an improved long-term durability.

Our handpieces mount 2.78mm bearings, much thicker than the standard 2.38mm mounted on other brand handpieces.

This guarantees a 43% longer life.

With Zirkey you can preserve your capital by investing in technologies that excel in quality and longevity.

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Spare parts at reasonable prices: durability is our priority.

We have been working with handpieces for years and we know they require maintenance.

When you are a Zirkey customer, on top of the standard 1-year warranty, we guarantee you lifetime support on all our turbines.

Whenever you need spare parts, contact us at and our team we will send them to you in just 7 days at unbeatable prices.

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1-year warranty | Lifetime Support

Free Worldwide Shipping

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High Speed Handpiece

High Speed Handpiece

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Upgrade your dental toolkit with the Zirkey High-Speed Handpiece. Improved durability, best-in-class price, and high-quality construction come together to bring you a handpiece that will revolutionize your clinical performance.

Say goodbye to costly replacements and enjoy long-lasting reliability with our advanced engineering. Trust Zirkey to provide top-notch quality at an unbeatable price, making it the smart choice for your dental practice.

Key features:

  • Chuck type: Push-button
  • Head type: Standard
  • Working pressure: 0.25 Mpa to 0.3 Mpa
  • Speed: 280,000-350,000R.P.M
  • Spray: Three water spray
  • Bur size: Φ1.595-Φ1.600mm
  • Noise: ≤ 60 dB
  • Autoclavable: 135 
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