Superpower your diagnostic skills.

Dr. Mark B. DDS, MSD

"It costs half of my old sensor and it works twice as good".

I bought Handy with EasyRay because I needed an affordable system for my four-chair clinic. The images are perfect, much more defined than my old sensor! I'm in love with this system!

The price is impressive, and the quality is even more surprising! I got the system up and running in less than 15 minutes. I recommend it to all my friends and colleagues!
Dr. Eric J.

It's a no-brain when you compare it to what the market offers. I got 2 Handy sensors, and I couldn't even afford 1 sensor of a well-known brand with the same amount. No compromises on the quality. It is so good. Thank you so much!
Dr. Frank L.

Seamless integration with your management and imaging software

Your peace of mind is our priority.
We are the only ones who integrate handy sensor with your imaging software at no additional cost.
Our excellent customer service is what made us famous!

Never miss a good diagnosis due to a poor X-ray image

1.95 million pixels on a 675 mm2 active area supported by a powerful imaging managing software guarantee the best image definition in any situation.

Handy will make you feel at ease in any clinical situation decreasing the risk not to see some important details for diagnostic purposes.

Choose the best for the sake of your patients.

Get it now!

Powerful, fast, and easy to install
 imaging software

An x-ray does not end at the moment of the shot.

Thanks to our powerful software, you can process the x-rays in less than 1 second.
Adjust brightness, contrast, and other 17 settings in a few clicks to analyze even the smallest detail of your images.

 Discover every little problem in your patients' teeth and develop the most accurate diagnosis with ease.

Capture every detail: 22.5 mm extended sensor area display

How boring is it to see that the apical part of the root is missing in the x-ray image?

Unlike other sensors available on the market, Handy has an expanded x-ray receiving area that allows you to capture a larger image surface without increasing the size of the sensor.

Your patients don't like to get radiations for nothing.
Finally, reduce the number of retakes due to missing areas in the X-ray.

Get it now!

Easy, powerful, Handy.

1) Install the software (compatible with Windows 8, 9, 10, 11)

2) Plug the Handy USB 2.0 into your computer/laptop

3) Start to capture HD x-ray images

Pure technology at the service of your practice.

Get it now!

Handy sample images

Just because you are a Dentist, it doesn't mean you have to overpay for primary technology.

Other dental sensors

$ 2500 or more

$ 1549

"Enjoy a top-notch x-ray setup preserving your capital from unnecessary expenses."
Fredrick D.
Dentist, CEO & Co-Founder

5-Year Warranty | 30-day Money Back Guaranteed

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Handy x-ray sensor

Handy x-ray sensor

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Sensor Size

The quality of your x-rays affects the accuracy of your diagnoses: make sure you get the best out of your x-rays with Handy.

Handy is a waterproof HDR sensor with an extended sensor area to capture every tooth detail.

The powerful software is easy to install and helps you regulate the setting of your x-rays after the shoot, assuring you the best experience while formulating a diagnosis.

Technical data

  • Sensor: APS CMOS sensor
    External dimension (mm) :
    27.5×38.5(HDR-500) Size #1
    32.3×44.3(HDR-600) Size #2
    Sensor Active Area(mm) : 22.5×30(HDR-500 size #1) ; 27×36(HDR-600 size #2)
    Sensor Thickness : 6mm
    Dynamic Range : 0~4,096
    Power : 5V±0.5V
    Image Transfer :USB2.0
    Cable Length :.≥ 3m

Key benefits

  1. Multi-languages software
  2. Operation system: Desktop & laptop (Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11).
  3. Twain driver.
  4. Power: USB 2.0 interface.
  5. Excellent quality: our sensors are imported from Germany and Japan, best quality standards.
  6. New APS CMOS sensor with a longer lifetime (400,000 x-rays)
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